Bring the Restaurant Home.

The Beginning: The Disappointing Burger

When we order a burger, we know that it’s not going to look like it does in the picture. This is something that we’ve been conditioned to expect, and we’re OK with that. I’m almost always OK with that, and to be really honest, I’ve had burgers that blow away that glossy, groomed looking burger in the picture.

Messy looking food is OK. Messy looking food is all I make. Messy looking food tastes better!


The problem comes when the burger is just something that the restaurant worker wants to throw at you to make you go away. At some restaurant chains, this is all you deserve anyway. When I order a burger, I would like to see a picture of the last guy’s burger. That’s really the only way I know what I’m going to get.

Facing Reality:

It was 2010. I was in a dark place. Living in Turkey and being faced with no good Mexican food. When you buy a burrito in Turkey, the spices they use make it taste… Turkish. It was fried Turkish meatpaste in a flour shell.

My friend told me, “I know where to get great Mexican food.”

“Where?!” I was already drooling.

“My house.”


Cooking was something I’d never thought of before. I like eating out too much. I still do.

The situation was the same with the burgers I was getting. No good burgers to be found. A small frozen patty, sometimes even dropped into a deep fryer and served on a nasty white flour and preservative bun.

Since then, I’ve learned to make a great burrito. I make a mean burger. I choose good bread. The cheese is proper and the vegetables are fresh.

I buy sauces like it’s gasoline.

But there’s still something missing.

The Solution: It’s the booth

Vitro, CB1, Coke Dinette Furniture Set with Coke Dynamic Booth, 24″x42″ Table and 2 Bullseye Chrome Diner Chairs, Red & White

I got a booth. Problem solved.

A restaurant booth is a place where you can sit and eat comfortably. I’m not talking about those ones with a plastic seat that are designed to make customers squirm if they sit for too long. No one should have to squirm in their own home.

Sometimes it pays to bring the restaurant home. No more bar burgers made in the fryer. I choose the music.

Life is Good.


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